Saturday, July 17, 2010

Surname Saturday: Beam

1. Me

2. and 3. My parents
4. and 5. My paternal grandparents

8. Joseph James Allen
B. 7 April 1891, Wyman/Edmore, Montcalm, Michigan; D. Unk., bet. 1945 - 1955, prob. in Jackson, MI
9. Daisy Mae Croad
B. 6 Nov 1896, Lakeview, Montcalm, MI; D. 24 June 1990, Pinellas Co., FL (prob. Dunedin)

16. John Grant Allen
B. 18 May 1869, Niles, Trumbull, OH; D. 27 Sep 1955, Parma, Jackson, MI
17. Marion Wood
B. Feb 1871, Summit, Jackson, MI; D. Bet. 1945 - 1955, prob. in Manistee, Manistee, MI

34. Charles S. Wood
B. Oct 1842, Ireland; D. bet. 1910 - 1915, Isabella Co., MI
35. Didame/Diadame/Didemia/Dedemia Beam
B. 10 Oct 1852, East Zorra, Oxford, Ontario, Canada; D. 7 May 1895, Rolland, Isabella, MI

70. Josiah Beam
B. 7 Nov 1811, on every record Josiah lists his birthplace as USA but his family had been in Canada for many years so his place of birth is not definitely known; D. 1905, East Zorra, Oxford, Ontario, Canada
71. Susannah Horton
B. circa 1817, Ontario, Canada; D. 17 March 1888, Oxford, Ontario, Canada

140. John Beam
B. March 1775, Sussex Co., New Jersey; D. 9 Dec 1857, Clinton Twp., Lincoln, Ontario, Canada
141. Deborah Bell
B. 1779, Roxbury, Morris, New Jersey; D. 29 Nov 1852, Clinton Twp., Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

280. Jacob Beam
B. 29 Nov 1728, Germany; D. 10 May 1812, Clinton Twp., Lincoln, Ontario, Canada
281. Catherine
B. ?; D. ?  (there is information out there on her vitals, but no definite sources)
Sources available upon request. Contact me if you are connected to this family or think you have further information on any of the people mentioned in this post.

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